Swadhar - A Project for women

Rajasthan Human Care Foundation - India’ is running a project, which purpose is to help and support women who are living under difficult circumstances without the provide of social and economic support.

The Indian family as a social institution is well known for the emotional and physical support that it provides to its extended members, but it tends to fail to support the women. These are especially women living under difficult circumstances like widows, ex-prisoners, mentally challenged women, victims of sexual abuse and crimes, divorced women etc. At the same time the Indian society has very limited state interventions available for these women, which mean their opportunities to start a new life are very bad if they can’t get the family support they need.

The organization is therefor running a program known as ‘Swadhar’, which is designed to require various types of women in diverse situations and under different conditions. ‘Swadhar’s’ purpose is to create a foundation for the women by providing them basic humanitarian needs as shelter, food, and medical care and rehabilitate the women socially and economically through education, skill up gradation and personal development. The program wants to help supplying sewing and handcrafts materials, computers, and educational materials to educate the women. And also provide the women emotional and developing consult and counseling, so they can process their past and get some tools to learn how to act in a working environment.

The project is at this moment starting a shelter home in Dausa, Rajasthan, with 10 women who desperately need help. Because of the size of this issue in the Indian society the program is already in contact with 40 other women who are waiting for their opportunity to join the program, and assumingly many other unknown women are in the same position everywhere in India. The project will hopefully result in a future were the women eventually can provide for themselves, so the project can keep helping more women who are trapped under the same difficult circumstances.

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